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AddApptr Becomes Gravite

Hamburg, Germany, 17.05.2023

Elevating Publisher Ad Revnue to New Heights

​​AddApptr GmbH, the ultimate Publisher-First AdMonetization platform - created by app developers, for app developers with more than 100m monthly active users of its SDK technology, has announced its rebranding to Gravite. The rebrand reflects the company's continued growth and vision of becoming the essential, indispensable force in the advertising world, operating to elevate publishers' revenue to new heights. 

​​​"We are excited to unveil our new brand identity, which better reflects our mission, vision, and values. Gravite has experienced amazing growth and evolution over the past years, and we feel that our upcoming suite of products and services and our global expansion strategy also required a brand that represents these achievements. The new name and logo represent our passion for innovation, creativity, and excellence. We believe this rebranding will help us better communicate our brand story and connect with our customers and partners."


Patrick Kollmann, CEO, Gravite.

Inspired by the word "Gravity", Gravite embodies the company‘s core values - reliability, innovation, creativity, and support. Just like how gravity is an invisible force that cannot be seen but affects everything it interacts with, Gravite is an unseen yet essential cutting-edge fully automated mobile advertising platform that manages all major mobile RTB exchanges and AdNetworks, generating maximum advertising revenue ensuring brands reach their target audience and maximize advertising revenue while providing exceptional service and tech support with no hidden fees or manual work required. 

Gravite‘s comprehensive AdMonetization solution allows publishers and brands to focus on other parts of their business such as the creation and distribution of high-quality content while all their advertising needs are handled, everything from integrating multiple SDKs to setting floor prices. Through advanced technology and machine learning algorithms, Gravite swiftly analyzes data, performance, tracks user behavior, ad engagement, and revenue generation. It identifes patterns and trends in real-time to best optimize ad placement, increasing revenue streams. With its seamless and non-disruptive integration into existing digital infrastructures and operations, Gravite generates higher returns while providing reliable support for publishers looking for bigger revenues from their ads​.

"We believe that our new branding will position us for success in the years to come. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and clients with the same high level of quality and commitment they have come to expect from us."

Alexander von der Geest, COO, Gravite.

Gravite has experienced yearly growth of over 30% on average since 2013, and they will expand their global footpring by investing in new technologies, talent, and partnerships that enhance its capabilities and offer more value to its clients.

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