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The Power of Our Automated Machine Learning Optimization Tool

Machine Learning

At Gravite, we pride ourselves on innovation and efficiency in providing top-notch services to our clients. One of our groundbreaking offerings is our Automated Machine Learning Optimization Tool. Designed to revolutionize the optimization process, this tool has become an indispensable asset for our key account team in driving remarkable results for our clients.


The Product

Our machine learning automated yield optimization tool is the next step in mobile ad revenue optimization. With this innovation, publishers no longer rely on manual optimization settings to improve ad revenue performance.

Gravite's 100% algorithm-based, server-side optimization solution processes billions of bid requests daily and optimizes all relevant performance parameters automatically and in real time.

How it works

Uplift Potential

Our machine learning yield optimization tool has increased ad revenue by over 100% for many of our publishers.

The Gravite tech team is constantly working to fine-tune the optimization algorithms and add new parameters to our solution. Our Key Account Team is able to combine our AI tool with mobile header bidding setups to further increase performance.

The Product

How it Works

Our AI tool is a learning optimization machine, the culmination of years of research and experience in mobile ad monetization. As the Gravite servers process billions of ad impressions, our in-house developed algorithm measures key parameters continually, analyzing fill rates and CPMs with great precision. Simultaneously, it considers each app, format, country, device, RTB exchange, ad network, and various other factors. All relevant parameters are then optimized in real-time across applicable RTB exchanges and ad networks.

What sets us apart is the careful oversight of our Key Account Team. They meticulously configure this tool to perfectly align with your app's unique requirements, ensuring a tailored fit. Moreover, our Account Managers attentively oversee its performance, guaranteeing it operates at its fullest potential to maximize your revenue.

growth revenue

Enhanced Decision-Making

Our Machine Learning optimization tool empowers our key account managers to make data-driven decisions. By analyzing vast datasets and identifying patterns, it provides valuable insights that support strategic choices, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Efficiency and Precision

With our Machine Learning tool, we can streamline processes and optimize strategies with precision. By automating complex tasks and continuously learning from data, we enhance efficiency and minimize errors, enabling us to deliver superior results in a shorter time frame.

Competitive Edge

Utilizing advanced technology like our Machine Learning optimization tool gives us a significant competitive advantage. It allows us to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changing market dynamics swiftly, and deliver innovative solutions that drive tangible value for our clients. Embracing such cutting-edge tools is essential for us to maintain our position as industry leaders and consistently exceed client expectations.

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