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Unlock Your App's Revenue Potential with Our State-of-the-Art SDK

Streamline your ad monetization journey with our SDK, your gateway to all major ad networks.


One SDK - All major ad network SDKs

Automated setup 

10+ years of proven stability

In-house developed 


Gravite offers a robust Software Development Kit (SDK) tailored for mobile app developers, facilitating seamless app monetization through in-app advertising. Our comprehensive SDK consolidates all major mobile monetization SDKs, granting access to key Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and AdNetworks via a single integration.


Developers harness the power of Gravite to effortlessly incorporate diverse ad formats—banners, interstitials, and native ads—into their applications.

Equipped with advanced targeting and optimization functionalities, such as location-based targeting, frequency capping, and A/B testing, our SDK ensures the delivery of relevant and impactful ads to users. This sophisticated approach not only maximizes revenue generation but also fosters a superior user experience.


Our Integration Process

Our documentation provides essential information for publishers to ensure a seamless and secure experience with our products. We comply with age restrictions for apps and data protection regulations. Our SDK and plugin documentation includes installation instructions, usage examples, and troubleshooting guides. We also provide documentation on deprecated features, including alternative solutions and migration guides.


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Earn more Money

Integrate the Gravite SDK. Once your app is live on the app stores, you will instantly earn more money.


Let Gravite Monetize Your App to New Heights

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