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Google partnership


Accredited by Google as a Certified Publishing Partner and a Google Bidding Partner, Gravite ensures expertise and proficiency in maximizing publisher revenue and audience engagement through Google's advertising and monetization solutions.

The Benefits of Our Google Bidding Partnership

Discover How Our Collaboration Empowers Publishers to Maximize Earnings and Enhance User Experience


Increased Revenue Potential

By partnering with Google, Gravite enables publishers to tap into a vast network of premium advertisers and demand sources, driving higher ad revenue and maximizing earnings potential.


Enhanced User Experience

Google's advanced targeting and optimization technologies ensure that ads served through Gravite are relevant and non-intrusive, enhancing the overall user experience and reducing ad fatigue.


Access to Premium Demand

Gravite's Google partnership provides publishers with access to premium ad inventory from top-tier advertisers, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality ads and maximizing ad fill rates.


Gravite is a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Gravite is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) since 2015. This prestigious designation reflects our proven expertise in maximizing publisher revenue and optimizing digital content using Google's advertising products and platforms.

"Partnering with us means gaining access to trusted and competent guidance in effectively monetizing online content using Google's advertising solutions. We are committed to helping publishers succeed in today's dynamic digital landscape."

Google MCM

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner we have demonstrated proficiency in areas such as ad serving, ad optimization, and audience development. Our team has undergone rigorous evaluation by Google to ensure we meet the highest standards of expertise and service quality in the digital publishing industry."

Being a GCPP offers several benefits for publishers, including specialized support and resources from Google and enhanced opportunities for collaboration and innovation in digital publishing.

Gravite is proud to be one of the select members of Google's Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) program, a prestigious designation that recognizes excellence in the digital advertising industry. As a member of this program, Gravite has a unique advantage over other advertising solutions providers. We have direct access to Google Ad Manager (GAM), the world's largest RTB exchange. 

Let Gravite Monetize Your App to New Heights

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