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The Challenge

Optimization challenges due to global audience Ad fatigue & user retention
Lack of knowledge in monetization

Casual mobile games encounter significant challenges when it comes to monetization. Two key issues include ad fatigue, where players become disengaged due to intrusive or excessive ads, and optimization challenges, especially when catering to a global player base without expertise in monetization strategies.

The Approach

To address these challenges, LiteGames partnered with us, leveraging our expertise in ad monetization for mobile games. We implemented a multi-faceted approach tailored to LiteGames' specific needs.

Firstly, we focused on optimizing ad placements and frequency to mitigate ad fatigue while maintaining a positive user experience.

Additionally, we provided LiteGames with access to our robust Mediation SDK, which connects to all major ad networks, ensuring maximum fill rates and revenue potential.

Moreover, our dedicated account management team worked closely with LiteGames to develop and execute a customized monetization strategy tailored to their global player base, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

The Result

Implementing our solution enabled LiteGames to scale at an unprecedented speed, experiencing rapid growth in advertising revenue. By leveraging Gravite's services, LiteGames benefited significantly by redirecting focus towards core business activities while concurrently optimizing advertising revenue streams effectively.

Through strategic initiatives, we successfully boosted revenue while maintaining consistent impressions, effectively maximizing yield per impression

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„Gravite allowed us to scale at an unprecedented speed. We benefit greatly from being able to focus on our core business while effectively optimizing our advertising revenue growth. It's the best monetization provider we've worked with“

Chris Twellmann

Managing Director LITE Games GmbH

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