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The Challenge

Futbin, a key hub for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) gamers, faced the challenge of balancing monetization strate-gies for their diverse user base. They sought to boost revenue without compromising the user experience, requiring the development of effective monetization methods.

The Approach

  • Ad Optimization: Leveraging our expertise in ad monetization, we implemented strategic optimizations to maximize the value of FutBin's ad inventory. This included optimizing ad formats, frequency capping, and implementing innovative ad units tailored to their audience's preferences.

  • Continuous Testing: We continuously monitored ad performance and conducted A/B testing to identify the most effective ad creatives, placements, and targeting strategies. This iterative process allowed us to fine-tune our approach and further optimize ad revenue.

  • Proactive Customer Support: Our dedicated customer service team provided proactive support to FutBin, offering timely assistance, strategic guidance, and regular performance reports. We maintained open communication channels to address any concerns and ensure a seamless partnership experience.

The Result

Our partnership with FUTBIN delivered outstanding results. We experienced an immediate 59% increase in revenue, capitalizing on their expanding user base.
By consistently providing excellent fill rates, we ensured our offerings met the demands of FUTBIN's audience. This successful collaboration highlights our commitment to mutual growth and ongoing success.

Futbin Revenue Growth Graph
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„We trust that Gravite is the best business partner to
monetize our iOS and Android Apps. When we first signed up with Gravite in 2018, we immediately saw a +59% gain in revenue. Our user base has grown a lot over the 5+ years we have been with Gravite and Gravite has been able to grow along with us, always supplying good fill rates.“

Klaus Overgaard,

Founder of FUTBIN

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