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"Gravite was created many years ago, as a spin-off from a mobile game publisher. As we were game developers ourselves, we wanted to create the best AdMonetization tool for app developers - made by app developers. Our mission is to generate maximum advertising revenues for our app publishers and developers, while offering maximum service and tech support. We are dedicated to making life easier for our publishers. No hidden fees, no manual work - Gravite is the only publisher first, unbiased mediation platform in the market."

Patrick Kollmann, CEO & Founder, Gravite 

Gravite is the only Publisher-First AdMonetization platform. Gravite manages all major mobile RTB exchanges and AdNetworks for publishers. We are not an AdNetwork ourselves, we simply offer fully transparent AdMonetization. The Gravite team, consisting of app and mobile tech enthusiasts, is passionate about their clients success. The company monetizes billions of ad impressions for its publishers, operating out of offices in Hamburg, Paris, London and Warsaw.


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Head of HR
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Why We Love Working At Gravite

As a Key Account Manager I get the chance to interact with great people, discover new technologies, and bring new ideas to the table. I love the diversity of my tasks everyday and this keeps me mostly excited and engaged.

Key Account Manager

What I really love about my job as Team Lead is the autonomy that I have in accomplishing my goals ranging from daily weird bugs, customers features up to building Dashboards from scratch. The challenges of new projects and ideas are very rewarding for me.

Core Team Lead

What I mostly love about my job are the flexibility offered, my colleagues, the ability to grow and innovate. I feel heard in the meetings and have direct contact with everyone without the hierarchy.

Business Development Manager

I very much enjoy the work-life balance here offered and working with this awesome team. With constant challenging projects, Gravite has helped me enhance my competencies and rewarded my performance by advancing in my career. We also know how to party! Our Christmas party and other team events help me to bond and get to know my teammates better outside of our day to day work environment.

Senior Backend Developer

What I mostly like about Gravite is that we have so many possibilities to improve our everyday's work life! It has never been boring since day one, which is the best feeling. Working with such an open-minded and positive team helps me to keep up my motivation and makes me smile every day! I will never forget the day my team came up with champagne to toast on my graduation. It was not just a big surprise but also gave me the feeling of a community!

HR Manager

I rejoined the company after a couple of months, as I missed the team spirit at Gravite. I learn a lot through the challenging tasks I deal with everyday and feel empowered in my role despite my location in Poland apart from the team.

Key Account Manager

What I like the most about my role is the team and the diversity of topics we work on. By allowing me to think creatively and interact with different working styles, I feel a lot empowered and trusted. Everyday is different, and that excites me the most.

Head of Key Account Manager

Working for this amazing company has been a dream come true. I love the transparency and the fully managed-service support that makes our product a complete tool for salespeople. The team is incredibly supportive and always willing to help me improve my skills, which has made my work experience satisfying.
One unforgettable moment was the warm welcome I received when I joined just before the Xmas party.

Senior Business Development Manager

Our amazing team


Meet our outstanding team of professionals! With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we come together to provide exceptional service to our clients. We are passionate about what we do and believe that teamwork is the key to success and we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver customized solutions that meet their goals. Our collaborative approach ensures that we are always on the same page with our clients and that we can provide them with the highest level of service.