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Gravite joins the Google partner bidding program

Hamburg, Germany, 08.03.2024

Gravites Google Partnership Illustration

Elevating app ad monetization services to new heights

Gravite, a leading force in in-app ad monetization, is excited to introduce an advancement for in-app publishers worldwide. We proudly announce the seamless integration of Google partner bidding (Beta) into the Gravite mediation platform, delivering added value to premier mobile publishers worldwide through our platform.

This strategic integration enables app developers to leverage Google's high-quality demand directly through our platform. Publishers can now effortlessly enable Google to participate in real-time bidding auctions via the Gravite mediation platform, unlocking new revenue optimization possibilities.

The adoption of in-app bidding presents a number of advantages for publishers, including:

Revenue Boost: Real-time bidding enables advertisers to compete for a publisher’s inventory all at the same time, increasing competition and boosting publishers earnings. Google's participation provides access to high-quality advertiser partners.

Fair Competition: Gravite ensures transparency, creating a level playing field for all demand sources in the bidding process.

Efficient Mediation: Bid integration streamlines mediation, cutting complexities and allowing teams to focus on results. More demand sources increase competition without latency issues.

Sustainability: Gravite's ecosystem prioritizes trust and retention, offering publishers a secure marketplace for long-term success.

The integration of Google bidding with Gravites mediation represents a pivotal moment in Gravite’s journey towards promoting in-app bidding adoption and advocating for a transparent and equitable marketplace. Gravite looks forward to continued collaboration with Google to drive growth and innovation in the industry.For more information about Gravite's services and its official partnership with Google, please visit here. 

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