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Inside the World of TorAlarms newest App for the Euro 2024

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An Exclusive Interview with CEO - Maurice Eisterhues 

As the Euro 2024 unfolds, football enthusiasts around the globe are gearing up for one of the most exciting tournaments in the world of sport. Behind the scenes, apps like TorAlarm, a leading sports app from Germany, are preparing to deliver real-time updates and notifications to fans everywhere. We had the opportunity to sit down with Maurice, the CEO of TorAlarm, to discuss their strategies, challenges, and innovations in anticipation of this major event.

A Glimpse into TorAlarm’s Core

The Euro 2024 presents unique opportunities and challenges for TorAlarm. How does your focus and strategy change when preparing for the Euro 2024 compared to the regular Bundesliga season?

"During the Euro 2024, TorAlarm shifts its focus to reach a more diverse and international audience," Maurice explained.

What unique challenges and opportunities does the  Euro 2024 present for you?

"From one day to the next day there will be millions of users—there is no continuous growth. However, it also offers the opportunity to attract a broader audience, increase user engagement, and enhance brand visibility on a global scale."

Collaboration and Integration of Gravite

Developing a new app for the Euro 2024 demands significant resources. We asked Maurice if the investment is worthwhile.

"The additional effort for the Euro 2024 is expected to be worthwhile in terms of revenue generation. The heightened global interest and larger audience base during the tournament typically lead to increased ad impressions and sponsorship deals," said Maurice.

We also asked if Maurice could share any insights on the financial impact of the Euro 2024 compared to regular league seasons.

"While specific numbers can vary, the overall financial impact is usually positive, with notable increases in ad revenue and user engagement metrics."

Enhancing User Experience

TorAlarm’s strategy for user acquisition during the Euro 2024 differs from their regular approach during the Bundesliga season.

"The user acquisition strategy for the Euro 2024 will leverage targeted marketing campaigns that are focused on reaching international audiences and leveraging the tournament’s global appeal," Maurice shared.

The target audience includes more casual football fans who primarily follow big tournaments. Retaining these users post-tournament involves personalized notifications, exclusive off-season content, and special offers for premium features.

Technical Preparedness

In a crowded market of football apps, TorAlarm aims to differentiate itself with unique features and offerings.

"With an own tournament app, our approach is to show the full complexity in a simple way," Maurice said. "We have the fastest goal notifications for the Euro 2024."

This emphasis on speed and simplicity provides a competitive edge.

TorAlarm has become a staple for football fans seeking real-time updates and tailored notifications. When asked about the app's core functionalities, Maurice shared:

"TorAlarm is a sports app from Germany, specializing in providing real-time updates and notifications for football games. It features live scores, match schedules, and goal alerts for various leagues and tournaments globally. Users can tailor their notifications to stay updated on their favorite teams and competitions."

This comprehensive approach ensures that fans never miss a moment, whether they are following local leagues or international tournaments.

Shifting Focus: The Euro 2024 vs. Bundesliga

When it comes to integrating in-app monetization solutions during the European Cup, Maurice elaborated on their approach and expectations.

"Your in-app monetization solutions will be integrated to optimize ad placements and increase revenue without compromising user experience. Custom ad formats tailored to the tournament will be utilized," he explained.

Maurice also highlighted their expectations for ensuring a smooth integration process.

"We expect first-class support, real-time analytics, and collaborative efforts to fine-tune ad placements for maximum effectiveness," he added.

Effort vs. Revenue: Is It Worth It?

To keep users engaged throughout the Euro 2024, TorAlarm has a comprehensive strategy that includes both match-related content and important tournament news. Maurice explained:

"We show the video highlights of all matches within the app. We have news articles related to the matches, and we have the possibility to send push notifications based on the interest of the user (what team they are interested in, etc.)."

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the tournament, Maurice highlighted the importance of effective content curation. TorAlarm aims to provide live updates, breaking news, detailed match analyses, and exclusive insights, with a special focus on multimedia content.

"Match push notifications are the main functionality of our app. By ensuring that our users receive continuous, valuable content throughout the day, we maintain their interest and engagement from the start to the end of the tournament." Maurice emphasized

Despite not incorporating interactive elements such as polls or quizzes, TorAlarm ensures continuous user engagement through its core features, maintaining a balanced approach that keeps users informed and engaged.

User Acquisition and Retention

Handling the surge in traffic during the Euro 2024 requires robust technical infrastructure.

"To handle the expected increase in traffic, TorAlarm is scaling its server infrastructure, optimizing app performance, and conducting thorough load testing," Maurice explained.

Measures like employing content delivery networks (CDNs), enhancing server redundancy, and real-time monitoring ensure app stability and high performance during peak usage times.

Standing Out in a Competitive Market

As TorAlarm gears up for the Euro 2024, their strategic preparations, from content curation to technical scalability, demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the user experience. With a dedicated team and innovative features, TorAlarm is set to deliver an unparalleled football experience to fans worldwide.

Maurice Eisterhues  Co- Founder & CEO  TorAlarm GmbH

Maurice Eisterhues 
Co- Founder & CEO 
TorAlarm GmbH

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