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The Challenge

TorAlarm GmbH, a sports news and live score application, faced a significant challenge in monetizing their app effectively. Despite having a loyal user base and high engagement rates, they struggled to maximize revenue through traditional advertising methods. The company found it challenging to manage multiple ad networks efficiently and optimize their ad revenue effectively. This resulted in missed opportunities and underperformance.

The Approach

TorAlarm partnered with us to optimize their app monetization utilizing our mediation SDK and managed service.

By integrating our mediation SDK, TorAlarm gained access to over 25 different ad networks, fostering increased competition and higher yield for their ad spaces.

A combination of the amount of different in-app focused networks, our sophisticated automated optimization engine, and the experience of our account managers ensures for the best monitization result.

Such a strategy ensures a robust and sustainable monetization approach while fostering healthy competition for ad placements.

The Result

Through our partnership with TorAlarm, we've witnessed remarkable enhancements across various metrics.

  • Increased Revenue: TorAlarm experienced a 100% increase in ad revenue.

  • Improved Fill Rates: Fill rates improved by 20%.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: TorAlarm achieved significant time savings through the support of our account manager, streamlining operations and boosting productivity on their side.

These substantial improvements underscore the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts in optimizing their app monetization strategy.

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„We trust Gravite to monetise over 1 million soccer fans in our apps. Since integrating Gravite, we increased our advertising revenues by over 100%.“

Rainmund Eissler

Founder of TorAlarm GmbH

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