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The Challenge

Getting more active and staying healthy is a goal many people around the globe pursue. StepsApp supports its users in achieving this goal every day. The app gives its 3.8 million active users a quick overview about daily steps, distance, time and calories burned as well as an overall weekly and monthly overview.

StepsApp has great potential for ad monetization with over 60% female users in its top countries USA, UK and Germany. The team decided to work with Gravite to get the most out of their app. The start of a successful partnership.

The Approach

After the simple SDK integration, StepsApp had access to many global demand partners. Working with Gravite’s fully managed service solution reduced workload for StepsApp a lot, while at the same time increasing ad revenues significantly.

The Result

With the help of Gravite, StepsApp is continuously reaching record revenue levels and is considering expanding their business into new countries.


Right from the start StepsApp registered an immediate revenue uplift of 179% within 6 months! The app benefited of constant optimization as well as higher eCPM’s through Google AdManager. Revenues continually increased throughout the first year as Gravite continuously optimized the setup and more demand partners were added.

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„Gravite is a trusted partner of StepsApp and we are very happy to embark on this journey together. The results so far have been amazing and have helped us in growing our business.“

Gunther Marktl,

CEO of StepsApp

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